Creating Space

There are so many different ways of approaching yoga. I’ve seen people go to one yoga class and decide that it isn’t for them, that all yoga classes are the same. But yoga is such a broad practice, and every teacher, every class is different. It’s important to explore different classes to find what works best for you, and to not get stuck in one way of practicing, either.


In the courses that I teach, I really like to bring a sense of playfulness to the room. We tend to get very serious about practice, don’t we? So I have an interest in spicing things up and bringing some fun and humor, while also exploring the depths of yoga. I focus on spinning the whole wheel of yoga, and trying to access the fullness that’s waiting for us.
My goal in teaching is to assist other people’s experiences. To be there as somebody who helps participants find the space for their own transformation. I’m not trying to reach in and twist something and turn it and shift their life – I’m just trying to provide a palette from which they can start to paint their own work, whatever that might be.



Tucker Shelton