Yoga - Private/Group

Private sessions are an excellent way to deepen your practice, target your specific needs and questions, or prepare yourself to take classes in a studio setting. You also get juicy, personalized sequences and adjustments!

Group classes are a fun way to celebrate special occasions or to have a regular class with just your friends.

Rates / hour:

1 person = $75

2-3 people = $100

4-10 people = $150-$200

*Travel fee may apply

Thai Yoga Stretching and acupressure

The ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage was the medicine that sprang from combining Hindu yoga stretches with Chinese acupressure work. The recipient is completely relaxed, while the practitioner moves their body into delicious shapes and applies massage techniques to open the energy lines, soft tissues, and joints.


1 hr = $75

1.5 hr = $100

2 hr = $140

Package deal = 4 x 1 hr or 2 x 2 hr sessions = $275

*Travel fee may apply


meditation - private/Group

By now, most everyone has heard of the many benefits of meditation. There are magazine articles, books, and even meditation apps abound, but just like yoga, meditation was a practice originally passed down from teacher to student. Tucker is a seasoned meditator and an experienced meditation instructor. Book a session or series with Tucker to learn meditation in an intimate, non-judgmental setting where you can ask all your questions and rest easy in the hands of your guide.

45 min. intro. to meditation for 1+ person(s) = $45

Meditation series (3 x 45 min. sessions + 3 phone/email check-ins) = $120

*Travel fee may apply

hire tucker for a workshop or teacher training

Tucker is a big traveller. If you want a Tucker-infused masterclass, workshop, retreat, or teacher training to come to your area, just click the "Book Now" button below!

Some examples of past offerings include:

Psoas Release, Chakra Reset Retreats, 7 Chakras Meditation Series, Yin Masterclass, Introduction to Shamanism and Healing Journeys, Kundalini Detox, Thai Yoga Massage & Partner Yoga, Joint & Connective Tissue Therapeutics, ....and much much more!

*Travel fee may apply