12:30-1:45 PM • Kaiut @ AYC


8:30-9:30 AM • Kaiut @ YAM

12:30-1:45 PM • Kaiut @ AYC


12:30-1:45 PM • Kaiut @ AYC


8:30-9:30 AM • Kaiut @ YAM

12:15-1:30 PM • Warm flow & Yin @ AYC

5:45-7:00 PM • Yin @AYC


12:30-1:45 PM • Slow flow & Yin @ AYC

4:15-5:30 PM • Kaiut @ AYC


2:30-3:30 PM • Kaiut @ YAM

4:00-5:15 PM • 7 Chakras Yin @ YAM


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Class Descriptions:

7 chakras yin*

This gentle yet transformative class takes practitioners on a journey from root to crown of the Hindu energy system. By freeing up blockages in each of the seven energy centers of the body, we clear a path for freshly oxygenated blood and prana to flow into our entire being. The results leave the practitioner feeling relaxed, calm, invigorated and vibrant.


Kaiut Yoga is designed to promote the healthy biomechanical functioning of the joints. This practice unwinds chronic adhesions in the soft tissue and helps to strengthen and unlock the major joints of the body. Both challenging and restorative, this class is composed of restful, supported Yin postures combined with finely directed micro engagements that together trigger pain relief and improve mobility. Participants experience profound, regenerative effects in their systems. All levels and bodies welcome—this practice is for all!

slow flow & yin*

This gentle, all-access class synchronizes breath with movement in a smooth, therapeutic way and then spills into restful, long-held yin postures for a full system treat. You will be calmly challenged and energized in the first half of the class, building and engaging your strength and concentration. Then you get to unwind, allowing your body to pause and deepen into some delicious stretches.

warm flow & yin**

A sweet blend of flow and yin, about half of the class uses a breath-based vinyasa flow to build strength and flexibility, challenging your balance and concentration, and harnessing that energy to promote inner stillness and peace. The other half finds you down on the mat holding yin poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension. The two styles together are amazingly transformative. Warm classes (80-89°) allow the body's tissues to soften more deeply.


Soothing for the body and mind, we use our breath and gravity to guide us deeper into relaxation with a focus on opening the joints and connective tissues. Yin complements the more muscularly strenuous styles of yoga and is for all levels of practitioners.

* = All Levels

** = a bit of sweat

*** = you must be crazy